People First England’s view on the Assisted Dying Bill (Plain English)

Today a Bill will be talked about in the House of Lords. A Bill is something politician’s talk about. 

They have a vote to see what they all think.

If they think the Bill is a good thing it becomes law.

A Bill has to be voted on in the House of Commons and The House of Lords before it can be law.

The House of Commons is where the MP’s talk about things.

MP’s are people we vote for in general elections.

They talk about what matters to the people who elect them.

They shout and argue a lot. They think that makes them look good on TV.

The House of Lords are people like bishops, doctors or campaigners.

The talk more carefully about things.

Today’s talk is about something called assisted dying.

Assisted is when someone needs to help you do something.

Some disabled people want help to die.

They have campaigned a lot.

Some disabled people think it is dangerous to help people to die.

They worry that people who aren’t disabled already think disabled people have worse lives.

They worry that some people think disabled people’s lives aren’t worth living.

At People First England we believe that all disabled people can make up their own minds what they think.

Gary and Kaliya do not support assisted dying.

Gary believes assisted dying is wrong because he is a Christian. He believes in God.

As a Christian Gary thinks assisted dying is morally wrong.

Kaliya doesn’t believe in god.

She thinks assisted dying is wrong because disabled people need support to live, more than support to die.

Gary and Kaliya both worry that too many people with learning disabilities do not get the help, support or healthcare they need to live full lives.

We worry that if the law says that it is ok to end the lives of disabled people then that will make things worse for people with learning disabilities.

Some disabled people do support assisted dying.

They worry that people will be in pain, or feel out of control and so they want control to end their own lives.

They say that this law won’t be about disabled people because it will only be for people who are terminally ill.

Terminally ill means that doctors can’t help you to get better

Terminally ill means that the person will die soon.

Some disabled people say a law so doctors can help people die will stop them suffering.

We think it is more important to provide the help people need to live their lives than the help people want to die.

We worry that the help people need to live can be very hard to get.

We worry this means that some disabled people would choose to die because they can’t get the help they need to live the life they want to lead.

We want to see a Bill to help people get those rights to live.

We think it is sad that politician’s want to talk about us dying, not about help for us to live.

We would like to see politician’s campaign as much for the support we need to live our lives as they do to for people to be able to end their lives.