People First England’s view on the Assisted Dying Bill (Plain English)

Today a Bill will be talked about in the House of Lords. A Bill is something politician’s talk about. 

They have a vote to see what they all think.

If they think the Bill is a good thing it becomes law.

A Bill has to be voted on in the House of Commons and The House of Lords before it can be law.

The House of Commons is where the MP’s talk about things.

MP’s are people we vote for in general elections.

They talk about what matters to the people who elect them.

They shout and argue a lot. They think that makes them look good on TV.

The House of Lords are people like bishops, doctors or campaigners.

The talk more carefully about things.

Today’s talk is about something called assisted dying.

Assisted is when someone needs to help you do something.

Some disabled people want help to die.

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