Kali’s Friday Feedback

It has been a very busy week for us at People First England. I started work properly last week – we have hit the ground rolling! Working from home is great but it relies on technology. It’s been very difficult this week without a working phone – it’s a good job I have good neighbours who lent me their broadband password.

This week was also the start of the #JusticeForLB campaign. Gary and I made a video together about what happened to Connor Sparrowhawk (Connor’s nickname was LB, Laughing Boy). Gary is a very good speaker, I need to learn to be a better video editor to keep up with him!

We have also been planning our media training for self advocates and the competition for self advocates to go to party political conferences and campaign on the issues they choose.

We had some very exciting news about a project we are working on with United Response.

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