Southern Health Trust

Today Southern Health Trust made a statement to Sara Ryan and her family saying they were very sorry for Connor’s death.You can read the statement from Southern Health Trust here.

They said it was their fault because they neglected him. We were relieved to read this but wonder why they took so long to say sorry properly. Connor’s family have had to wait 3 years for this and have had to go through hell.

We wonder why they did not talk about how badly the family have been treated by the Chief Executive, Katrina Percy, some of their staff and some of their board. We wonder how so many people who do their jobs badly still have them and get paid so much money.

They also said that Sara Ryan has conducted herself and the Justice for LB campaign in a dignified, fair and reasonable way. We think that the Justice for LB campaign has done more than any other campaign to make people think about human rights and all people with learning disabilities.

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Response to the Mazars Report

Today the Mazars report came out.

The report is an investigation into the deaths of people with learning disabilities who were under the care of Southern Health Trust.

You can read the Easy Read version of the report here.

This is Gary Bourlet’s response to the report.



Reading about the deaths of people under the care of Southern Health Trust made me feel very sad.

Somehow you go past being angry to being more sad.

Our condolences go out to all the families who have been affected by this.

There should be a memorial for people who’ve died in these places.


What the report says


The report found only 1 per cent of deaths in learning disability services were investigated.

I think this is wrong.

It’s important for organisations like Southern Health to be better because they’re supposed to be looking after people.

It’s also important that when organisations like Southern Health do things wrong, people should feel able to speak out about them.

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Connor Sparrowhawk – Gary’s video statement transcript

What happened to Connor was dreadful, very sad. A young man who was looking forward to the rest of his life died in a unit without any support whilst he was in there. He should’ve had the right support at the right time. He was used as, just as a patient, and not as Connor. Connor should’ve had his own help and own support and his own needs and wants needed. This is happening not just to Connor but to other people who have been in units before. And these units are stemmed from big institutions, and asylums which we would like to see closed. And we want to see these big institutions and asylums closed so people like Connor could be part of society and be part of the community we all want to live in.

The units and day centres like that are actually like workhouses and they were part of big institutions and asylums since the Victorian times.

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Kali’s Friday Feedback

It has been a very busy week for us at People First England. I started work properly last week – we have hit the ground rolling! Working from home is great but it relies on technology. It’s been very difficult this week without a working phone – it’s a good job I have good neighbours who lent me their broadband password.

This week was also the start of the #JusticeForLB campaign. Gary and I made a video together about what happened to Connor Sparrowhawk (Connor’s nickname was LB, Laughing Boy). Gary is a very good speaker, I need to learn to be a better video editor to keep up with him!

We have also been planning our media training for self advocates and the competition for self advocates to go to party political conferences and campaign on the issues they choose.

We had some very exciting news about a project we are working on with United Response.

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Connor Sparrowhawk Report – Easy Read Version

Earlier this week Gary and I wrote a statement from People First England about the preventable death of Connor Sparrowhawk, known online as ‘LB’.

Lots of people are helping Sara, Connor’s mum to campaign for #JusticeForLB and better lives for all people with learning disabilities.

Some are tweeting, some are doing research and sharing information.

The official report into Connor’s death is difficult to read and full of jargon.

Nell Munro has written an easy read version of the report.

You can read it here.

It will be updated with pictures as well as words soon.

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