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First week of Learning Disability England

The Launch

On Tuesday 14th of June we launched Learning Disability England (LDE) at the House of Lords with about 150 people crammed in a marquee on the River Thames. There were so many people there it was hard to speak to everyone individually.

Baroness Sheila Hollins made a good speech and introduced me.

I started by cracking a few jokes at the beginning to relax myself and also everyone in the audience. I welcomed everyone and gave my speech.

In my speech I said:

“We have a good team of people to make this happen

We are in this together and also stronger together

For far too long we have been working separately and our voices have not been strong enough on our own to make change

To make change we need to work with others.”

It was great to finally launch Learning Disability England after working on it for so long.

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Response to the Mazars Report

Today the Mazars report came out.

The report is an investigation into the deaths of people with learning disabilities who were under the care of Southern Health Trust.

You can read the Easy Read version of the report here.

This is Gary Bourlet’s response to the report.



Reading about the deaths of people under the care of Southern Health Trust made me feel very sad.

Somehow you go past being angry to being more sad.

Our condolences go out to all the families who have been affected by this.

There should be a memorial for people who’ve died in these places.


What the report says


The report found only 1 per cent of deaths in learning disability services were investigated.

I think this is wrong.

It’s important for organisations like Southern Health to be better because they’re supposed to be looking after people.

It’s also important that when organisations like Southern Health do things wrong, people should feel able to speak out about them.

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Politics For All – Political Party Conference Competition

If you are a person with a learning disabilities and you are interested in politics, well this is for you!

You do not have be part of any Self Advocacy group or organisation or charity body, you can be an independent person as well. You don’t have to use services and you don’t have to live in an urban area, you could come from a rural area. The competition is open to everyone with a learning disability who is interested in politics. We hope lots of you will apply!

Follow this link to read FE – Advert for Party Conference Applications (Apr 14) on the Scribd website

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