What would you ask politicians? (Plain English)

We have 5 main political parties in the UK. They are: Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green, UKIP.

A political party is a group of people that share beliefs. They want to win the election.

Winning the election means that party get to decide on the future laws in our country.

Every year the political parties have a conference.

People go to these conferences to talk to the political parties about things that matter to them.

These are things like crime, or the NHS.

We had a competition for self advocates to go to a political party conference.

Lots of people entered.

They were all really good.

It was very difficult for us to choose just 2 people.

We wanted everyone to have the chance to go!

We had enough money for 1 person to go to Conservative conference with us and 1 person to go to Labour.

The winners were Shaun Webster and Vicky Hiles.

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Politics For All – Political Party Conference Competition

If you are a person with a learning disabilities and you are interested in politics, well this is for you!

You do not have be part of any Self Advocacy group or organisation or charity body, you can be an independent person as well. You don’t have to use services and you don’t have to live in an urban area, you could come from a rural area. The competition is open to everyone with a learning disability who is interested in politics. We hope lots of you will apply!

Follow this link to read FE – Advert for Party Conference Applications (Apr 14) on the Scribd website

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