Response to the No Right Ignored Green Paper

This blog post was written by Kaliya Franklin and Gary Bourlet and was originally published on 01.06.15.

Earlier this year the Coalition government published a Green Paper.

The easy read version of the Green Paper was called ‘Making Rights Better and Listening To People’.

You can read it here.

A Green Paper is where the government talk about ideas which they think might help people if they were law.

A consultation is where the government ask people to tell them what they think about those ideas.

People First England did a detailed consultation response to this Green Paper.

This is what we think…

No Voice Unheard, No Right Ignored – People First England’s response to Easy Read Consultation

Our response has been written using only the easy read version of the information. We chose to do this because we believe anything concerning people with learning disabilities should be fully accessible to people with learning disabilities.

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Connor Sparrowhawk – Gary’s video statement transcript

What happened to Connor was dreadful, very sad. A young man who was looking forward to the rest of his life died in a unit without any support whilst he was in there. He should’ve had the right support at the right time. He was used as, just as a patient, and not as Connor. Connor should’ve had his own help and own support and his own needs and wants needed. This is happening not just to Connor but to other people who have been in units before. And these units are stemmed from big institutions, and asylums which we would like to see closed. And we want to see these big institutions and asylums closed so people like Connor could be part of society and be part of the community we all want to live in.

The units and day centres like that are actually like workhouses and they were part of big institutions and asylums since the Victorian times.

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Politics For All – Political Party Conference Competition

If you are a person with a learning disabilities and you are interested in politics, well this is for you!

You do not have be part of any Self Advocacy group or organisation or charity body, you can be an independent person as well. You don’t have to use services and you don’t have to live in an urban area, you could come from a rural area. The competition is open to everyone with a learning disability who is interested in politics. We hope lots of you will apply!

Follow this link to read FE – Advert for Party Conference Applications (Apr 14) on the Scribd website

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