Response to the Mazars Report

Today the Mazars report came out.

The report is an investigation into the deaths of people with learning disabilities who were under the care of Southern Health Trust.

You can read the Easy Read version of the report here.

This is Gary Bourlet’s response to the report.



Reading about the deaths of people under the care of Southern Health Trust made me feel very sad.

Somehow you go past being angry to being more sad.

Our condolences go out to all the families who have been affected by this.

There should be a memorial for people who’ve died in these places.


What the report says


The report found only 1 per cent of deaths in learning disability services were investigated.

I think this is wrong.

It’s important for organisations like Southern Health to be better because they’re supposed to be looking after people.

It’s also important that when organisations like Southern Health do things wrong, people should feel able to speak out about them.

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Learning Disability England

Gary Bourlet explains what Learning Disability England is and why he thinks we should create this new organisation. 

Learning Disability England is a coming-together of people with learning disabilities, their families and organisations.

People First England is working with Housing & Support Alliance to create this new organisation.

H&SA came and spoke to me in 2012 and said that they wanted to help make People First England happen. They wanted to help make it a success.

Different charities and organisations and individuals put in money to make People First England happen.

We wanted People First England to become a big independent organisation but this couldn’t happen because we didn’t have enough money.

People First England continued as a project under the Housing & Support Alliance umbrella.

There is an Australian campaign called Every Australian Counts.

We decided that we wanted to bring this model to England.

It’s about self-advocates, families and organisations coming together but still having their own identity.

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People First England’s view on the Assisted Dying Bill (Plain English)

Today a Bill will be talked about in the House of Lords. A Bill is something politician’s talk about. 

They have a vote to see what they all think.

If they think the Bill is a good thing it becomes law.

A Bill has to be voted on in the House of Commons and The House of Lords before it can be law.

The House of Commons is where the MP’s talk about things.

MP’s are people we vote for in general elections.

They talk about what matters to the people who elect them.

They shout and argue a lot. They think that makes them look good on TV.

The House of Lords are people like bishops, doctors or campaigners.

The talk more carefully about things.

Today’s talk is about something called assisted dying.

Assisted is when someone needs to help you do something.

Some disabled people want help to die.

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What would you ask politicians? (Plain English)

We have 5 main political parties in the UK. They are: Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green, UKIP.

A political party is a group of people that share beliefs. They want to win the election.

Winning the election means that party get to decide on the future laws in our country.

Every year the political parties have a conference.

People go to these conferences to talk to the political parties about things that matter to them.

These are things like crime, or the NHS.

We had a competition for self advocates to go to a political party conference.

Lots of people entered.

They were all really good.

It was very difficult for us to choose just 2 people.

We wanted everyone to have the chance to go!

We had enough money for 1 person to go to Conservative conference with us and 1 person to go to Labour.

The winners were Shaun Webster and Vicky Hiles.

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