Voting and Politics

Today the UK will vote on whether we want to stay in the European Union (EU).

It is a very important vote and we hope that lots of people with learning disabilities will have their say.

But we know that political discussions like these are full of jargon and not very accessible.

Now is a good time to think about how people with learning disabilities get involved in politics and how easy or hard it is for them to get involved.

Here Gary Bourlet answers some questions about politics.

gary houses of parliament
Are you voting in the referendum today?

I am voting in the referendum today, a referendum does not come around very often, not like elections. So I will be voting for what I believe in.

Why are you voting?

It’s important that I vote because I want to, because I care about this country and the direction we are going.

Why is it important that people with learning disabilities vote on issues like this?

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Response to ‘Building the Right Support’

NHS England recently published their plans to change their services in England.

These plans are called ‘Building the Right Support’.

You can read an Easy Read version of the plans here.

Here’s what People First England had to say about the plans.

What we like.

The plans look great. But It feels like we have been here before with Care in the Community, Valuing People and the Winterbourne View Concordat. We have the right laws in place and we have the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People. Institutions have been closing all over the world.

We like the way that people with learning disabilities and families are included in the plan. There are people and families fighting to get out of hospital now and professionals are ignoring them and think they know best.

We like the way they will employ people with learning disabilities and families as Quality Checkers.

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Response to the No Right Ignored Green Paper

This blog post was written by Kaliya Franklin and Gary Bourlet and was originally published on 01.06.15.

Earlier this year the Coalition government published a Green Paper.

The easy read version of the Green Paper was called ‘Making Rights Better and Listening To People’.

You can read it here.

A Green Paper is where the government talk about ideas which they think might help people if they were law.

A consultation is where the government ask people to tell them what they think about those ideas.

People First England did a detailed consultation response to this Green Paper.

This is what we think…

No Voice Unheard, No Right Ignored – People First England’s response to Easy Read Consultation

Our response has been written using only the easy read version of the information. We chose to do this because we believe anything concerning people with learning disabilities should be fully accessible to people with learning disabilities.

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Everything You Need To Know About Voting

On May 14th we had a ‘together day’ with Inclusion North. Inclusion North invited us to go along so that people could ask questions about People First England.

Gary and I explained that one of the important things we want to do with People First England is to ‘turn up the volume’ on the great work already being done by self advocates, local groups and charities. Too often local groups and especially the big charities only talk about their own good work and only share that work with their supporters.

We think that by sharing the good news about everyone’s projects that they will benefit more people.

We talked about lots of different projects the bigger charities are doing to support people to vote next year in 2015.

After the day we put together an easy read guide to all these projects and how you can get them to come along to your local group to put on an event, or how to get the information packs for yourself or your local group to use.

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Politics For All – Political Party Conference Competition

If you are a person with a learning disabilities and you are interested in politics, well this is for you!

You do not have be part of any Self Advocacy group or organisation or charity body, you can be an independent person as well. You don’t have to use services and you don’t have to live in an urban area, you could come from a rural area. The competition is open to everyone with a learning disability who is interested in politics. We hope lots of you will apply!

Follow this link to read FE – Advert for Party Conference Applications (Apr 14) on the Scribd website

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