Response to ‘Building the Right Support’

NHS England recently published their plans to change their services in England.

These plans are called ‘Building the Right Support’.

You can read an Easy Read version of the plans here.

Here’s what People First England had to say about the plans.

What we like.

The plans look great. But It feels like we have been here before with Care in the Community, Valuing People and the Winterbourne View Concordat. We have the right laws in place and we have the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People. Institutions have been closing all over the world.

We like the way that people with learning disabilities and families are included in the plan. There are people and families fighting to get out of hospital now and professionals are ignoring them and think they know best.

We like the way they will employ people with learning disabilities and families as Quality Checkers.

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A Response to the National Audit Office Report

This blog post was written by Gary Bourlet and was originally published on 03.02.15.

People First England responded to the HSCIC Learning Disability Census. Here is what we said: 

1. The Winterbourne programme has not worked and we are still being treated like third class citizens

The Winterbourne programme has been going for more than 3 years. It is high profile and there is a minister responsible for it but it hasn’t changed anything much. They have said the right things but whatever is happening they are not making a difference. None of this is new. People with learning disabilities continue to be treated like 3rd class citizens, which has been going on for decades.  Until society treats us the same, nothing will change.

We think it has been a waste of taxpayers money.  It is not money well spent. There has been too much bureaucracy, too many people in offices doing too much paperwork but not enough work on the ground.

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