What we think about Richard Dawkins (Plain English)

Richard Dawkins is a philosopher and atheist.

Philosopher means he spends time thinking about stuff.

Atheist means he does not believe in any god.

He is also a scientist. This means he is supposed to think about evidence.

Evidence means things that are facts not opinions.

Facts are things that we know for sure. Like the sea has salt in it.

Opinions are what we think about stuff. They can’t be right or wrong because they are not facts.

Richard Dawkins said that if a woman knows her baby has Down’s Syndrome when she is pregnant that she should have an abortion.

An abortion is when doctors help a woman to end her pregnancy.

Doctors often tell women to have an abortion if they think their baby is disabled.

In the UK most babies who would be born with Down’s Syndrome are aborted.

Richard Dawkins thinks this is right.

He says people with Down’s Syndrome suffer.

He says it is wrong to have a baby if you know it will have Down’s Syndrome

He says people with autism have enhanced abilities.

He says that means they don’t suffer and so should be born.

We think Richard Dawkins is wrong.

We know he doesn’t understand anything about disabled people

Gary says;

“He sounds like a UKIP supporter! He doesn’t understand disability at all.

His views belong to the past, like the Victorian age.

People with disabilities do really good things and contribute to the community.

It’s a bit like being racist or homophobic.

He needs to get to understand about people, that we are all different and difference is good.”