We’re launching Learning Disability England

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For a long time People First England has been working on setting up a new organisation.

On Tuesday we will launch Learning Disability England along with other self-advocates, families and organisations.

We are now @LDEselfadvocate on twitter and LDE Self-Advocates on facebook.

Here are Gary Bourlet’s thoughts as we prepare to launch Learning Disability England.

LDE is important because we want Self-Advocates to work closely with families, carers and organisations that work with people with learning disabilities, to come together and work together.

For far too long we have been working separately and our voices have not been strong enough on our own to make change.

To make change we need to work with others.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Being an independent organisation is an important part of LDE for me. It will be steered by people, families and organisations.

We will campaign on what our members agree on and vote on what issues are important to us.

Doing petitions, setting out policies, going on demonstrations, Marches and taking direct action and also our trained Self-Advocates and family members speaking to the media on issues that affect us. We will also meet with the politicians and trade unions.

We are creating this now because for far too long services have been bad and self-advocates are tired of fighting a lone battle. By coming together we can fight for better changes in our lives. We also want the media and politicians to listen to us!

It is important that lots of people get involved as there is strength in numbers.

We want people of all backgrounds, young, old, all ethnic minority groups, anyone who knows a person with learning disabilities, people with English as their second language, family and friends

We are launching next Tuesday June the 14th; make sure to check us out and join our organisation by becoming a member.