Southern Health Trust

Today Southern Health Trust made a statement to Sara Ryan and her family saying they were very sorry for Connor’s death.You can read the statement from Southern Health Trust here.

They said it was their fault because they neglected him. We were relieved to read this but wonder why they took so long to say sorry properly. Connor’s family have had to wait 3 years for this and have had to go through hell.

We wonder why they did not talk about how badly the family have been treated by the Chief Executive, Katrina Percy, some of their staff and some of their board. We wonder how so many people who do their jobs badly still have them and get paid so much money.

They also said that Sara Ryan has conducted herself and the Justice for LB campaign in a dignified, fair and reasonable way. We think that the Justice for LB campaign has done more than any other campaign to make people think about human rights and all people with learning disabilities. We think it is wrong when they are criticised and bullied for telling the truth. We are glad that Southern Health apologised for this.  

Justice for LB has taught us about how we should not be afraid of telling the truth. They did not let them say that Connor’s death was an accident and they made them admit that they had breached his human rights. We hope that in Connor Sparrowhawk’s memory, that all the other NHS Trusts and providers never do what Southern Health has done and that they treat people with learning disabilities and their families with dignity and respect.

We hope that other families who have also lost loved ones with learning disabilities get some strength from what JusticeforLB has achieved in making politicians and the media talk about the rights of people with learning disabilities.

If this ever happens again, we hope that Learning Disability England can be as brave and truthful as JusticeforLB in making sure that no-one with a learning disability and their family is ignored and forgotten.