Our patrons and donors

Below is a list of our patrons and our donors.

People First England Patrons

Lots of people support the creation of People First England are offering to lend us their support in the years ahead, these are our patrons:

Wendy Perez

Nan Carle

John O’Brien


People First England sponsors

We’d like to thank all the individuals and organisations who have supported the creation of People First England. We are so grateful for your support.

Organisational donors

Choice Support


Brandon Trust

Key Ring

Three Cs

Inspired Services

Advance Housing & Support

In Control



Shared Lives Plus

United Response

Thera Trust

Centre for Welfare Reform

Aldingbourne Trust 




Your Direction

Avenues Trust 

Choice Care Group


Personal donors

David Towell

Steven Rose

Helen Sanderson

Jo Claire

Julie Stansfield

Martin Routledge

Sarah Maguire

Anne Waugh

Eileen Flavelle

Helen Leigh-Phippard

Elinor Harbridge

Sarah Clayton

Avril Mendel

Oi Mei

John O’Brien

ER Whitney Cotterell

10 anonymous donors