The BIG issues


Gary Bourlet says:

“People with learning disabilities are worried about the cost of living and disability poverty. And all the cutbacks.

Austerity means that all our services get cut to save money. Its people at the bottom end are suffering . There are people wanting jobs but they need flexi hours and not tied down to a limited amount.”

The BIG ISSUES for us in the last year have been:

Stasff abusing people at Winterbourne view

People living in Assessment and Treatment Units  (ATU’s) when they need their own homes.

Click here to watch a video where Gary Bourlet talks about Connor Sparrowhawk, a man who died in an ATU.


Enough housing and support

Hate crime, bullying and mate crime

There are lots more issues…

We are working with the Learning Disability Alliance which is a group of self-advocates, families and allies who have come together to challenge the bad things that are happening and make sure more good things happen.

Together we will decide on the most important things to campaign about and the National Forum and People First England will make decisions about what we do.