It is nearly the end of the 7 days of action against ATUs.

ATUs are Assessment and Treatment Units.

An Assessment and Treatment Unit is a type of hospital that people with learning disabilities can be kept in for a very long time.

This week we’ve been sharing what Gary Bourlet thinks about ATUs.


What is wrong with ATUs?

ATUs are Assessment & Treatment Units and there are a lot of things wrong with them. People with learning disabilities are held in these Units against their wishes. They are another type of institution. People with learning disabilities have not done anything wrong, and they have been put in these Units because they have a disability and are far away from their friends and family.

What’s a better alternative?

The alternative to ATUs is for people with learning disabilities to be part of the community and be supported through a Circles Network and to have more learning disability nurses employed in the community. This is not just right, but money well spent. Everyone is an individual and this gives people with learning disabilities freedom of choice.

How do ATUs make you feel?

It makes me feel very sad and very angry that People with learning disabilities with no fault at all are stuck in these Institutions and are prisoners against their wishes.

This is not freedom.

What do people need to know about ATUs?

They need an inside camera to go undercover to show the general public what goes on. They should be showing this on television – showing the long history of how people with disabilities were put in long stay hospitals (Institutions and Asylums) and showing the present ATUs now.

Why is it important that people know about ATUs?

They need to see how wrong they are and what’s going on in these places. To see how it is wrong to lock people with learning disabilities up and to be far away from families and friends. You would not treat animals with disrespect, so why treat humans differently.


These are just one person’s thoughts. If you look at the hashtag #7DaysOfAction you can see lots of people’s stories and experiences.

Everyone should take the time to read the personal stories that have been published on the #7DaysOfAction website.