People First England in Learning Disability Today

There is an article about People First England in Learning Disability Today:

PFE’s first two workers are Gary Bourlet, a self-advocate with learning disabilities who came up with the idea and has been campaigning its creation, and Kaliya Franklin, a disability campaigner and author of the Benefit Scrounging Scum blog.

Since launching, the response to PFE from the learning disability community has been “overwhelmingly positive,” according to Franklin. “We have had lots of offers of support, encouragement and interest in working with PFE,” she added.

“We are talking to all sorts of different charities, disabled people’s groups and individuals about what we all think needs to happen with PFE.”

Media training

One area that PFE thinks is particularly important is training people with learning disabilities to be speakers to the media. “We think that having people with learning disabilities speaking for themselves in the media is vital – there are physically disabled people we can think of with comedy shows, parts in soap operas or who appear to give their views on important news stories,” said Franklin. “But we can’t think of anyone these days with a learning disability who is regularly in the media.

“We believe that physically disabled people speaking for themselves in the media has had a positive impact on the public’s understanding of disability. We hope to trial our first training in March or April.””
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