Response to ‘Building the Right Support’

NHS England recently published their plans to change their services in England.

These plans are called ‘Building the Right Support’.

You can read an Easy Read version of the plans here.

Here’s what People First England had to say about the plans.

What we like.

The plans look great. But It feels like we have been here before with Care in the Community, Valuing People and the Winterbourne View Concordat. We have the right laws in place and we have the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People. Institutions have been closing all over the world.

We like the way that people with learning disabilities and families are included in the plan. There are people and families fighting to get out of hospital now and professionals are ignoring them and think they know best.

We like the way they will employ people with learning disabilities and families as Quality Checkers.

We like that there is more funding for help in the community like more Learning Disability nurses.

What we are worried about.

The plans won’t happen until 2019. 2019 is a long way off for some people. There will still be at least 1300 people in hospitals and many won’t want to be there.

We don’t know if there is enough money to do this. There is not enough affordable housing and welfare reforms mean that disabled people have less money.

Advocacy and self advocacy. It is not very strong in the plan and we want to see more.

There needs to be more work with communities so that they understand us. Not just with professionals.

Questions we have.

What is different about this plan to all the other things we have said we will do in the past?

The BBC had a film about Wiltshire NHS building a new 9 bedded hospital for £3m. It goes against everything they say in this plan. How can this happen?

How are we going to know if things they say they are doing actually happen?

Who is responsible for making this happen?

Who is in charge of this and will make sure things happen?