What we do

We want:

  • People with learning disabilities to be taken seriously by national and local politicians.
  • Self advocates to be speaking for themselves in the media.
  • People with learning disabilities to be politicians and leaders. There are plenty of people with learning disabilities that have what it takes to do this.

Why we need to do this:

  • The only way that oppressed groups break the chains of oppression is by speaking up for themselves.
  • People with learning disabilities always have professionals and organisations speaking on their behalf and this has not been effective enough to change peoples’ lives for the better.
  • Self advocacy is patchy across the country and has been weakened in recent years.
  • There is no strong voice of people with learning disabilities in the media or politics. Some self advocacy has not been effective enough in standing up for the rights of people with learning disabilities.

We want the voice of people with learning disabilities to be louder and stronger so we are doing these things:

  1. We hold a list of self advocates that are able and prepared to speak to the media and politicians and work with other organisations on policy and good practice.
  2. We will find and train self advocates around the country to be able to talk to the media and politicians.
  3. We will campaign and respond to the media and others on any issues that directly affect people with learning disabilities and make sure that people with learning disabilities have a real voice.
  4. We hold an annual get-together for self advocacy organisations, families and our allies in organisations to talk about the things that are most important to us
  5. We are raising money to help local self advocacy groups and forums get stronger by starting a Small Sparks programme that provides small amounts of money to local self advocacy groups.