Why Parliament Should Listen to People with Learning Disabilities

house of commons

Gary Bourlet, Co-Development Lead for People First England says:

“There are about 1 million people with learning disabilities in the country. That could be a real big vote. If political parties have policies that make our lives better and don’t put jargon in their manifestos, they might get us to vote for them.”

How can we get more people with learning disabilities voting?

The Learning Disability Alliance says we are stronger than we think. 1 million people + families, friends & allies = 5 million people = 10% of voters.

Some people think that people with learning disabilities do not have the mental capacity to vote but this is not true.

For more information on Mental Capacity read:  Spread the word, you don’t need mental capacity to vote by Lucy Series


Here are some great resources and information to help people with learning disabilities, their families and supporters help them vote:

Dimensions – Love Your Vote

United Response – Every Vote Counts

Mencap – Hear My Voice campaign
(there are some images on these pages you can use)

The Count Me In toolkit for organisations to help people understand voting